(Sp. model spelled same [gwaŋkót∫e] < vanchoche, in Tarascan [a Meso-American Indian language of Southwestern Michoacan, Mexico], a net in which loads are carried, and in Sinaloa, Mexico, a blanket or bag made of the most ordinary sort of fiber)
   A gunnysack or large basket used in the Southwest and Mexico to carry items on a mule, horse, or burro. Santamaría glosses it as a thick, coarse, woven fabric used for lining and packing and in making gunnysacks. He indicates that the term is common in nearly all Latin-American countries, with some variations in spelling and meaning. Related forms: gancoche, gangocho, gangochi, guangochi, guangocho; all share the fundamental meaning of a coarse, crude, sparse cloth or loose robe; or a large sack, blanket, wrapped package, or container for heavy things made from such a fabric, all of which may be oversized or loose-fitting. It was probably influenced by the Mexicanism guango 'loose-fitting,' and has emigrated from Mexico to other countries. Whether or not cowboys or ranchers used such an artifact to transport goods, they probably knew some individuals who did and were aware of the term.

Cowboy Talk. A Dictionary of Spanish Terms. . 2013.

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